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Intellectual Property Advisory: ICANN Sets Forth Additional Timeline Updates for 2011 Rollout of New gTLD Program

Posted on March 29th, 2011 | Author: Jeanne Hamburg

ICANN has announced it is launching new top level domain names allowing users to customize the verbiage “to the right of the dot.”  Currently, parties may customize only the portion of the domain to the left of the dot.  For example, Internet users might visit, instead of  Securing these domain names affords marketing and competitive advantages and allows users to search for sites in different ways.  Registration and maintenance of these domains will require a lengthy and complex application and project management process, for which interested organizations are advised to begin planning as soon as possible.

Issues in which your organization may be interested include ICANN’s recent announcement regarding its updated timeline for the rollout of the new gTLD program; the implications of the new timeline for potential new gTLD applicants; and recommendations to ensure your organization is on track with your new gTLD program planning.  The official ICANN timeline for March 2011 through June 2011 is available here.