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IN THE NEWS: President Obama Kills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) Today

With websites like Wikipedia and Reddit and and major online gaming sites prepared for a 24-hour shut down starting at midnight on Wednesday the 18th in protest of pending SOPA legislation (HR 3261 scheduled for hearing in the House Judiciary Committee), President Obama joined the battle stating that he will not support the legislation. However, a similar bill, the Protect IP Act (a/k/a in long-winded Washington parlance as the “Enforcing and Protecting American Rights against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation Act”) continues to wind its way through the Senate and is scheduled for hearing on January 24th.

Which side are you on – Hollywood and the Entertainment Software Association which back the bills or the internet community at large led by Wikipedia who find the legislation chilling to free communication and sharing? Stay tuned as the legislation will likely go back to the drawing board for detuning in an effort to garner acceptance to by Obama administration.