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Visa Bulletin For April 2012 Released: The Visa Forecast Is Mixed

Posted on March 12th, 2012 | Author: admin

The U.S. State Department today released the visa bulletin showing the immigrant visas available during the month of April. China, India, Mexico and the Philippines have their own allocations of visas, with the rest of the world lumped into one overall visa group. As with the bulletins of the past months, there is again slight improvement in both the family sponsored and employment based visa categories for both China and India. The family visa numbers for Mexico and the Philippines remained fairly constant and the general world wide categories show some slight improvement. Even with the improved numbers the wait time for an EB3 (Skilled worker or professionals) based immigration petition is still over nine years for India, seven years for China, EB2s (Advance degree holders or Persons of Exceptional Ability) from both India and China are at May 2010 priority dates with Mexico and the Philippines being current.  F1s (Unmarried children of U.S. citizens) do not fair much better in the visa waiting game with worldwide, China, and India visas available for priority dates of April 2005.  Mexico is at May 1993 and Philippines at June 1997 for F1s. The priority date for F2s (Spouses of Permanent U.S. Residents) remains in 2009 for all countries. The complete bulletin can be found here.