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New Release on the June Visa Bulletin

Posted on May 11th, 2012 | Author: admin

To paraphrase Ronald Regan “there they go again”. The June Visa Bulletin was just released bringing even more bad news for EB2 hopefuls from China and India. The numbers for China and India have been regressing over the past months but now; the EB2 is completely unavailable regardless of one’s priority date for the remainder of this fiscal year. New numbers should be available for fiscal 2013, which starts October 1, 2012. Not only is that bad news for the people affected but it also adversely affects the ability of the USA to attract and retain highly educated and experienced workers. More bad news in the bulletin for prospective immigrants is the prospect that the availability of employment based visas in all categories may either retrograde or become unavailable for some countries as well in the upcoming months.

The arbitrary quota system was set up by Congress to “protect” the American work force is counterproductive. Unless there is a dramatic cultural shift causing a material increase in the number of USA citizens graduating with advanced degrees in the sciences and technologies, who will step up to design the products, technology, factories, etc. that will employ our people. Under the current visa availability program, a potential Albert Einstein could spend years in limbo waiting and waiting for a green card that may never materialize. Right now, families never know whether they’ll be able to remain in the USA or if they’ll have to suddenly leave – not a very attractive recruiting position for USA companies.