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REWIND: International Business News #42

Posted on October 26th, 2012 | Author: admin

  • The international community lost one its most colorful and eccentric “leaders” earlier this month when “Prince Roy” Bates of Sealand passed away at the age of 91. Not familiar with Sealand? That’s hardly surprising given that the self-proclaimed principality is nothing more than a 5,920 square foot platform 7 miles off the coast ofEngland. But it was on this abandoned World War Two Royal Navy fort in the North Sea that Prince Roy carved out a lucrative niche by skirting the bounds of international and English law. Sealand attracted many on the fringes of the international business community who viewed Sealand (and the greater degree of latitude afforded by its questionable legal status) as a way to conduct business free from the laws and regulations of developed nations. Sealand became a data haven and it hosted servers for the now-defunct “HavenCo Limited” and, as recently as January 2012, Wikileaks considered moving its servers to the tiny platform.
  • Business is heating up in one of Europe’s coldest places.  The large Austrian ski resort of Lech-Zürs announced on Wednesday that it had inked a partnership with its neighbor, Warth-Schröcken. The two resorts will be linked by a gondola costing €12 million. The two resorts will now become part of the larger Arlberg ski region, one of the most popular ski destinations in Europe.
  •  Is a raccoon poised to become the new face of international travel? Porter Airlines (and its lovable raccoon mascot, Mr. Porter) are redefining business travel between the United States and Canada. The start-up international carrier turned 6 years old on Wednesday and has recently expanded its service to include 19 destinations across the U.S. and Canada.  Its business model is predicated on short-haul flights and maximizing passenger comfort. The airline offers passenger lounges at its hubs replete with free snacks, complimentary wi-fi and comfortable seating while you wait for flights. On-board, passengers can expect free snacks, soft drinks, and even alcohol. The airline’s main hub is located in downtown Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport, only minutes from the city center (oops we mean…“centre”).The airline has posted growing profits and enplanement numbers since its creation. However, the real impact may be less on the airline industry and more on the cross-border economy. The entrance of a low-cost, low-hassle carrier into    the US-Canada marketplace that makes conducting business with Canada’s largest city easier can only be a boon to businesses hoping to expand across the border.