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London’s AIM Exchange Continues Steady in its Listing of IPOs in 2012

Posted on January 9th, 2013 | Author: Robert C. Gabrielski

IPO activity on London’s AIM stock exchange held steady during 2012 with 45 IPOs, pretty much the average over the last three.  Gross capital raised amounted to £695 million ($1.1 billion) from IPOs and £2.5 billion ($4.0 billion) from Secondary Offerings. While the gross capital raised in 2012 was more than that of 2011 (£560MM), it was still significantly below the £1,017MM raised in 2010 with 46 IPOs.

The median trailing pre-money revenue multiple was 1.96 for the 23 companies that generated revenues > £1 million.  The median trailing pre-money P/E ratio and EBITDA multiple was 12.66 and 8.02, respectively, for the 17 companies that earned profits > £1 million. AIM Advisor’s Inc. Newsletter.

The AIM Advisor’s Newsletter provides insight into each of the 45 companies listed on the AIM in 2012; the industries and geographies in which they operate, their overall listing, financial and operating metrics and the outlook for AIM IPOs. Further details on AIM and the 56 U.S. companies that are listed on AIM can be found at