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NASAA 2011 Exam Report

Posted on January 24th, 2013 | Author: Oren M. Chaplin

Every two years the North American Securities Administrators Association analyzes the results of investment adviser examinations for the prior two years and prepares a comprehensive report detailing its findings. The next analysis will occur in 2013 with the results scheduled to be released during the Spring season, but viewing the results of the 2011 survey while considering the recent regulatory changes can help us try to foresee the 2013 survey results, which in turn will shed some light on the issues that are common points of deficiency during regulatory audits.

The 2011 survey reported on examinations by securities examiners from 45 jurisdictions within North America, including examiners from British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Saskatchewan, Canada. Thirteen categories of deficiencies were identified.

To learn more about the thirteen categories of deficiencies, please see our Securities Law Alert, NASAA 2011 Exam Report, by Oren M. Chaplin.