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Criminal—White Collar

Feb 10, 2016

White Collar Crimes in Indo-U.S. Context: Do’s and Don’ts

Last week, Ed Sponzilli, Melinda Fellner Bramwit, Nick Duston, and Brad Muller participated in a Meritas webinar on the do’s and don’t of white collar crimes in Indo-U.S. context.

The webinar highlighted some of the recent developments that have fundamentally altered the business environment in India and discussed the ways and means through which businesses in India and the U.S.» Read More

Dec 19, 2014

Government Charges “Tipping Liability” To Company Insiders At Dell & Nvidia

The basis for imposition of tipping liability for insider trading has been clarified by the Second Circuit.

In United States of America v. Todd Newman, Anthony Chiasson (Nos. 13-1837-cr (L), 13-1917 cr), the Second Circuit has vacated convictions for insider trading for two hedge fund portfolio managers convicted of trading on information obtained from analysts who had received nonpublic and material information about public companies in the technology sector. » Read More

Nov 28, 2012

Changing of the Guard on Senate Banking Committee and SEC? What Will It Mean to Business and Investors?

Regulation in the financial markets will continue and may even accelerate in the U.S. in the next few years.  Elizabeth Warren has been elected to the Senate from Massachusetts and will most probably join the Senate Banking Committee. Warren is a former Harvard professor who is a fierce pro-consumer advocate.

With the resignation of Mary Schapiro as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, President Obama has named a current member of the Commission to take her place. » Read More

May 15, 2012

FBI Warns Unsuspecting Travelers of Cyber Booby Traps Found In Hotel Internet Connections

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued a notice on May 8th that revealed a recent claim by the FBI and other agencies that cyber criminals are targeting travelers abroad through pop-up windows while they attempt to connect to the Internet in their hotel rooms.

Specifically, as travelers attempt to setup a hotel room Internet connection through their laptop, they are presented with a pop-up window that asks to update a widely-used software product.» Read More

May 09, 2012

Former Global Pharmaceutical Company Employee Sentenced for Theft of Trade Secrets

A United States District Court Judge for the Judicial District of New Jersey has sentenced a former employee of Sanofi-Aventis (“Sanofi”) to 18 months in prison for attempting to sell Sanofi’s trade secrets for her own gain.  In announcing the sentencing, the United States Attorney explained that the defendant, a foreign national working in the U.S., had been a research chemist at Sanofi for five years, assisting in the development of several compounds that Sanofi considered its trade secrets.  » Read More