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Jun 24, 2011

Focused REWIND: Cyber Breach Roundup

  • A survey of IT practitioners conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Juniper Networks suggests that cyber attacks have recently become more harsh and recurrent. At least 90% of the IT practitioners surveyed claimed that they had experienced one or more cyber breaches within the last year, and 89% of these respondents could not identify the source of these breaches. Interestingly, employee mobile devices and laptop computers have been recognized as the top devices used in the unleashing of cyber attacks against a company.
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Mar 31, 2011

Focused REWIND: Wal-mart v. Dukes

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Jan 27, 2011

Focused REWIND: U.S. Intellectual Property Concerns in China

  • Commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Office Tian Lipu says “China Is Serious About Intellectual Property,” despite negative stories in the media to the contrary.  Intellectual property (IP) laws are a relatively new concept to the Chinese. Pre-1980, little to no knowledge of intellectual property rights even existed.  Since then, formal IP laws and protective measures have been gradually introduced.  
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