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Apr 03, 2017

The Plastic Bag Ban: How Does Rapidly Changing Environmental Regulation Impact Your Business’s Expansion?

“Disposable” plastic bags have become a ubiquitous element of retail shopping over the past several decades, with most consumers barely thinking about the volume or impact of their use and disposal.  Thin plastic bags have become so inexpensive, that virtually all retail businesses offer them free of charge – at least where they are still permitted to do so.» Read More

Aug 01, 2013

Doing Deals in BRIC Nations: Adjust Your Expectations

Companies doing business for the first time in Brazil, Russia, India, China, or any other emerging market should adjust their expectations for how due diligence is viewed, performed, and analyzed in that market. Whether you plan on entering those foreign markets as a direct investment or a cross-border transaction, the usual and customary U.S.» Read More