May 24, 2012

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David Cassidy in Fight for the Ages

Bridgewater, NJ (May 24, 2012) - David E. Cassidy, who holds a 1-0 record and trains with Coach Jarek "Jerry" Slagowski of Zealous Nation MMA & Boxing, will compete in Gleason’s Gym Masters Boxing World Championships. The tournament will be held from Thursday, May 31, to Saturday, June 2, at the world-famous Gleason's Gym in New York, NY.

The boxers competing in the tournament are all over 35 years old, competing in the Masters Division of USA Boxing, Inc. Boxing in the Masters Division is Amateur or Olympic-style boxing. It is governed by USA Boxing rules and differs from “white collar boxing,” which usually consists of white collar professionals who train one time to box in a special event and no winner and loser are declared. Boxers competing in the Masters Division wear approved headgear and use 16-ounce gloves. Masters Boxing is a full contact sport and competitors must be in excellent condition to avoid injury. Masters, like all boxers, use the speed bag, jump ropes, and heavy bag to train, but the real skills come from using the mitt pads with the coach and also from live sparring, one of the most important parts of pre-fight training.

Cassidy, a resident of Bridgewater, is a 44-year-old labor and employment lawyer and a Member of large regional law firm Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A. He has 15 years of experience representing management in labor and employment matters in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. He had no experience boxing until five years ago, when right before he turned 40, he introduced himself to Slagowski and started training. It was always a dream of his to box, but it had never been a reality due to the normal strains of life and work. Cassidy competed and won in his first bout on February 18, 2012, at Gleason's Gym. He plans to have five to seven bouts this year.

"I want to have no regrets. I love boxing; it is a great metaphor for life, and I want my son to know that I worked hard and strived for a goal. I am not George Foreman, but I am working hard to get better at a sport I enjoy. Jerry has helped me in my confidence, remaining cool under pressure and in recognizing that practice makes perfect. I use boxing analogies regularly in my law practice, as they fit perfectly,” said Cassidy.

Zealous Nation MMA & Boxing, located in Middlesex, New Jersey, is a professional boxing club, which trains individuals to compete in amateur boxing bouts sanctioned by USA Boxing, and in professional boxing matches. Its instructors are experienced amateur and professional fighters and coaches. Zealous Nation MMA & Boxing Coach Slagowski, a USA Boxing-certified coach, has over 30 years of experience coaching, training boxers and kickboxers in Europe (Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands) and the United States. He puts a strong emphasis on teaching authentic boxing. He is and has trained Golden Gloves competitors, including two 2011 Golden Gloves Champions. He was born and raised in Poland and worked as a Polish National Team coach.

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