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Join us at our next seminar: Public-Private Partnerships: The bridge to successful infrastructure projects

John F. Lushis, Jr., Esq., (Solicitor to  NCGPA), Peter D. Hutcheon, Esq., John Brown (Northampton County Executive), Stan Rugis (Northampton County Director of Public Works), Ryan Durkin (Northampton County Solicitor), and Shawn Langen (NCGPA Chair), are pleased to invite you to “Public Private Partnerships: The bridge to successful infrastructure projects,” on Thursday, January 26. In this presentation, we will discuss the structure of P3 projects and the opportunities and advantages they provide.
In 2012, the Pennsylvania General Assembly enacted Act 88, which allows the undertaking of “public-private partnership” projects, commonly referred to as “P3” projects.  Northampton County, in conjunction with the Northampton County General Purpose Authority (NCGPA), is implementing a P3 project for the purpose of replacing or rehabilitating 33 deteriorating bridges that are owned by the County.  This is a first-of-its kind project at the County level in Pennsylvania, is fully supported by PennDOT with strong interest from the Federal government, and offers the potential for huge benefits to counties in Pennsylvania that own not only bridges but also other transportation facilities.  P3 projects also provide an opportunity for contractors and lenders to become involved in a type of project that has now garnered attention at the both the state and national levels.

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