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May 15, 2017

Preventing and Mitigating the Nasty Corporate Divorce

Closely-held corporations are like marriages. When personalities mesh and goals are aligned, the family can prosper. When they don’t, you may end up in a nasty divorce.  When beginning a new venture, however, too many clients overlook the possibility of such a divorce.  Therefore, they forgo spending the time necessary to mitigate the possibility of future disputes.  » Read More

May 15, 2017

Partnership Disputes Can Continue Long After the Buyout

Binge watching HGTV is my guilty pleasure.  Those of you who suffer from the same vice, may have seen HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.”  Well, the stars of the show are now defendants in a million-dollar lawsuit.  So what happened?  Allegedly, the star of the show, Chip Gaines, persuaded his two previous partners to sell their 1/3 interest in Magnolia Realty for $2,500 apiece. » Read More

Mar 10, 2016

“Retail Mosaic” Competition Coming to Allentown

The City of Allentown announced yesterday that it will be hosing a “Retail Mosaic” Competition, which is a Shark Tank-like competition that is aiming to open 10 new retail locations in Allentown. The winners of the competition will receive up to $15,000 in loans. Here are some important dates:

March 23 – Pre-application due – click here
April 8 – Full business plan and application due
Up to 20 applicants will be selected to “pitch” their business idea Shark Tank style
May 4 – Selected applicants will make their 10 minute pitches
Week of May 9 – Winners will be notified with the loan closings being held between the end of May and mid-June

Professionals, including me, will provide legal or other assistance to the selected entrepreneurs at free or reduced rates.» Read More

Feb 24, 2016

$4.8 Million Verdict Against Business Owners After Failed Attempt to Evade Company Debt

So much for “New Year, New Me.” It turns out the concept of a fresh start isn’t always the answer to moving forward in life. At least not when that entails the creation of a new corporate entity and the fraudulent transfer of assets from an original entity for the purpose of attempting to avoid liability. In fact, for the owners of Outlook Hong Kong and its successor Outlook Singapore, this version of a “fresh start” resulted in a $4.8 million verdict against them on claims of fraudulent transfer, breach of fiduciary duty, and interference in contractual relations.» Read More

Nov 12, 2015

Pennsylvania Trial Judge Finds No Claim for Data-Breach Negligence

Can you sue for negligence in Pennsylvania if your personal information is stolen by hackers as a result of a company’s data breach?

In a recent decision handed down in the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas, the Court dismissed a class action suit over a data breach.  Judge R. Stanton Wettick, Jr., a judge whose trial court opinions are well-respected in the State of Pennsylvania, rejected an argument that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was negligent for failing to implement and monitor an adequate security system and for failing to properly detect a data security breach.» Read More

Oct 05, 2015

Are you involved in a commercial lease?

If so, then our upcoming seminar is a must for you.

John Lushis of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus and James Pauloski, Broker of Record will present a seminar entitled Negotiating Commercial Leases – A Real Estate Poker Game ­to landlords and tenants to help them understand their leases and what comes with them. The seminar will take place on Thursday, October 15th at our office in Allentown.» Read More

Feb 26, 2015

Title III ADA Suits Are On the Rise

Since its passage twenty-five years ago, the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) has had a sizable impact on businesses both large and small. Although businesses are well-versed in the employment discrimination provisions of the ADA, which are contained in Title I, they must also be aware of the ADA’s accessibility requirements set forth in Title III.» Read More

Jan 06, 2015

New Laws Regarding Pennsylvania’s Powers of Attorney Affecting More Than the Individual

Pennsylvania recently enacted new legislation regarding Powers of Attorney that became effective on January 1, 2015. These new laws do not invalidate any currently existing Powers of Attorney, but they might change the way that the documents are interpreted. These new laws also affect commercial lending transactions, commercial leases, and other documents such as motor vehicle transfers. Click here to read more about how these documents are affected.» Read More

Jul 23, 2014

New Tactic Emerges to Reduce Frivolous Shareholder Lawsuits

In the wake of greater shareholder activism, companies, private and public, are continuously searching for ways to curb frivolous shareholder lawsuits.  Recently, a few companies have explored the idea of incorporating “loser pays” provisions into their bylaws.  These “loser pays” provisions would require a shareholder who loses a shareholder lawsuit to pay for all of the company’s legal fees and costs in defending the action. » Read More


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