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Economic Development

Jan 03, 2017

Join us at our next seminar: Public-Private Partnerships: The bridge to successful infrastructure projects

John F. Lushis, Jr., Esq., (Solicitor to  NCGPA), Peter D. Hutcheon, Esq., John Brown (Northampton County Executive), Stan Rugis (Northampton County Director of Public Works), Ryan Durkin (Northampton County Solicitor), and Shawn Langen (NCGPA Chair), are pleased to invite you to “Public Private Partnerships: The bridge to successful infrastructure projects,” on Thursday, January 26. In this presentation, we will discuss the structure of P3 projects and the opportunities and advantages they provide.» Read More

Mar 10, 2016

“Retail Mosaic” Competition Coming to Allentown

The City of Allentown announced yesterday that it will be hosing a “Retail Mosaic” Competition, which is a Shark Tank-like competition that is aiming to open 10 new retail locations in Allentown. The winners of the competition will receive up to $15,000 in loans. Here are some important dates:

March 23 – Pre-application due – click here
April 8 – Full business plan and application due
Up to 20 applicants will be selected to “pitch” their business idea Shark Tank style
May 4 – Selected applicants will make their 10 minute pitches
Week of May 9 – Winners will be notified with the loan closings being held between the end of May and mid-June

Professionals, including me, will provide legal or other assistance to the selected entrepreneurs at free or reduced rates.» Read More

May 06, 2015

NMM’s 3rd Annual Economic Development Symposium a Success

We hosted our 3rd Annual Economic Development Symposium on April 30 at the Renaissance Allentown. My colleagues John Lushis and Graham Simmons, along with Scott Dunkelberger, Executive Director of the Center for Business Financing, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, and Don Cunningham, President and CEO of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. (LVEDC), discussed the current and future focus of economic development in Pennsylvania, highlighting the practice of working with economic development incentives.  » Read More

Jun 02, 2014

Julie Macomb Appointed to Hamilton District Main Street Program Board of Directors

We’d like to congratulate Julie Macomb on her appointment to the Board of Directors of the Hamilton District Main Street Program! She also serves on the Design Committee for the Program.  The Hamilton District Main Street Program is an initiative of the Allentown Chamber of Commerce.  Click here to read more.» Read More

May 06, 2014

Scott B. Allinson and S. Graham Simmons Re-Appointed as Solicitor for Northampton County Gaming Revenue and Economic Redevelopment Authority

We are very happy to report that Scott Allinson and Graham Simmons have been re-appointed to the Northampton County Gaming Revenue and Economic Redevelopment Authority. They will continue to provide legal services and guidance to the board as it accomplishes the goals set forth in the Commonwealth’s Gaming Act. Read more hereRead More

Mar 06, 2014

Economic Development in the Lehigh Valley

As a sign of continued economic development in the region, the Lehigh Valley was just ranked 2nd in Site Selection Magazine’s annual economic development rankings. The rankings focus on the region’s ability to attract new employers and to help companies expand. In its class, the Lehigh Valley competed with other metropolitan areas ranging in population size from 200,000 to 1 million.» Read More

Mar 04, 2014

Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law Update: Recent Developments Highlight Tensions in Right-to-Know Law

Scott Allinson and Julie Macomb wrote an article discussing some of the recent decisions, trends and debates affecting the Commonwealth’s Right-to-Know Law.  Please click here to read the article. Please contact us at or if you have any questions or a related issue you would like to discuss.» Read More

Feb 12, 2014

City Revitalization and Improvement Zones: State Senators Propose 13 Additional CRIZ Designations and Additional Pilot Programs

The Pennsylvania Legislature recently adopted new legislation creating the City Revitalization and Improvement Zone (“CRIZ”) through Act 52 of 2013. The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), the Governor’s Office of Budget, and the Department of Revenue recently selected the City of Bethlehem and the City of Lancaster as the two 2014 recipients. After the announcement, state senators Judy Schwank (representing the City of Reading) and John Blake (representing the City of Scranton) voiced their intent to pursue a plan whereby additional cities and townships could be eligible for a CRIZ designation.» Read More

Feb 11, 2014

Neighborhood Improvement Zones & City Revitalization Zones: Revitalizing Cities & Promoting Economic Development

Pennsylvania’s Neighborhood Improvement Zones, enabled by Act 50 of 2009, are springing up across the state and the Lehigh Valley and are generating noteworthy development within the region.  With last month’s announcement by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) that the City of Bethlehem was awarded one of the two coveted CRIZ designations, a look at the similarities and differences between the two zones is timely.» Read More


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