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Dec 07, 2017

Healthcare, Hospitals, and Immigration: The Need to Access the Global Medical Professional Workforce with Ease

Every healthcare organization has two essential requirements: (1) continuous access to qualified talent; and (2) continuous access to significant numbers of that talent.  Hospitals clearly need a lot of employees.  To meet these demands, today, more than ever, hospitals and other healthcare providers call on international medical graduates, international students educated in medicine in the United States, global researchers in every practice of medicine, and world-renowned specialists in countless professions. » Read More

Nov 30, 2017

Making a Case for Sanctuary Hospitals

In a recent article, “Making a Case for Sanctuary Hospitals,” three medical doctors made an argument in favor of “sanctuary hospitals.”  They rely primarily on the emotional argument for adopting sanctuary hospital policies, citing several incidents that occurred between February and October of 2017, involving ICE agents at or near hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  » Read More

Apr 17, 2017

Doctors Orders: Proposed medical marijuana regulations are under review

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently published its first set of proposed regulations for physicians and health care practitioners in connection with Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law. The regulations cover topics such as the required physician-registry, conflict of interest restrictions on physician ownership of medical marijuana businesses, and guidelines for issuing medical marijuana certifications to qualified patients. » Read More

Jul 06, 2015

King v. Burwell Supreme Court of the United States Upholds Provisions of Affordable Care Act

On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States (the “Court”) upheld a challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “Act” or “PPACA”) – a challenge to the Act based on a provision of a law providing tax credits to certain individuals. » Read More

Nov 01, 2013

The Affordable Care Act: Reporting of Physician Financial Relationships within the Healthcare Industry

Section 6002 of the Affordable Care Act, entitled “Transparency Reports and Reporting of Physician Ownership or Investment Interests,” mandates a national online reporting system designed to increase transparency within the healthcare industry. Section 6002 of the Act (referred to as the “Open Payments” provision) requires that any financial relationship between a health care provider and an applicable manufacturer be reported on a public website maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). » Read More

Jun 25, 2013

Take Steps Now To Comply With HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule Requirements

On January 17, 2013, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued the much anticipated omnibus final rule on privacy and security protections for health information.  The final rule represents the culmination of over fifteen (15) years of federal government efforts to establish a nation-wide framework to protect patient health information.  » Read More

Jan 17, 2013

Hospital-Physician Shared Savings and Quality Performance Incentives in Clinical Integration Agreements

In an effort to accomplish better care coordination, improve quality and lower costs, doctors and hospitals are using comprehensive clinical integration agreements (CCIA).  Please click here to read an article I co-authored with Debbie Salas-Lopez, M.D., M.P.H., for MD News, where I discuss the incentives in using CCIAs. » Read More

Nov 28, 2012

Payment Bundling: Another Value-Based Reimbursement Tool under the ACA

With all of the discussion around the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act, it seems change is imminent for physicians and other providers.  Please click here to read an article I authored for MD News where I discuss the variety of different value-based reimbursement models adopted by the ACA, namely payment bundling. » Read More

Oct 29, 2012

Parents’ Medical Bills: Are They Your Responsibility?

Just when you thought your days of paying others’ medical expenses were behind you, Pennsylvania Courts are holding you responsible for your elderly parents’ care.  Please click here to read an article I authored for Lehigh Valley Woman where I discuss the implications of the Filial Support Law. » Read More

Aug 20, 2012

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus Hosts Celebrity Bartending Fundraiser

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., will sponsor a Celebrity Bartending Night on September 13, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., at Sangria in Allentown.  Attorneys Matt Sorrentino, Kate Curcio, and Lauren Sorrentino will serve the drinks, and twenty percent of the proceeds and all tips will benefit The Children’s Hospital at Lehigh Valley Hospital.  » Read More