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Aug 01, 2013

2012-2013 Labor and Employment Law Update

On September 18, our Labor & Employment Group will present 2012-2013 Labor and Employment Law Update.  I, along with my colleagues will discuss recent developments and changes related to labor and employment issues. It is important for human resource professionals and business owners and managers to remain educated in our ever-changing culture.  » Read More

Oct 12, 2012

Employment Law According to “Seinfeld”

On November 14, 2012, our Labor & Employment Group will present Employment Law According to Seinfeld.  I, along with my colleagues, will review the handling of all employment issues, including discrimination, harassment, employee discipline issues, and employee termination, from the point of view of Seinfeld characters.  » Read More

Aug 30, 2012

NMM Seminar – Recent Labor and Employment Law Developments

On September 19, 2012, the Labor & Employment Group of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., will host a seminar entitled Recent Labor and Employment Law Developments. This seminar will highlight recent legal decisions affecting human resource professionals and business owners including: the impact of the Health Care Reform Act, decisions regarding social media, revised EEOC guidelines, new FMLA forms, proposed regulations affecting wage and hour requirements and affirmative action requirements, and cases involving discrimination, harassment, employee privacy and medical leave.  » Read More

Feb 27, 2012

Social Media Landmines: The Impact on Employers

An article that Edward Easterly and I authored was featured in the February issue of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel entitled “Social Media Landmines: The Impact on Employers.”  In the article, we discuss labor & employment issues in the online setting, including the National Labor Relations Board’s stance on employees’ cyber activities, how to properly monitor employees’ online activity, social media policy guidance, and the pros and cons of using social media as a screening tool.   » Read More

Feb 08, 2011

Be Careful What You Tweet

One day, people will look at you quizzically when you reference Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Much like eight-tracks, VHS tapes, and Vanilla Ice, these social and technological advances (the use of “advances” is arguable in the case with Mr. Ice) will one day be surpassed by new and improved methods of communication.  » Read More

Jul 15, 2010

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Legal Blog!

The Lehigh Valley Legal Blog is your local source for information on the many legal issues affecting Lehigh Valley businesses and residents. With a deep-rooted history in the Lehigh Valley, we provide a unique local perspective and we have a vested interest in keeping you up to date on trends, legislative and regulatory developments, and legal topics of interest in the Lehigh Valley. » Read More