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Jul 26, 2013

Stay or Go: Options Are Limited When Your Firm Has Been Indicted

As today’s Wall Street Journal article, “Fund’s Employees Face Uncertainty” indicates: “No major financial firm has survived a criminal indictment.”  With the criminal indictment of  SAC Capital Advisors, many of its current employees are confronted with a difficult decision.  The choices are limited – stay or go.… Read More

Jan 16, 2013

Cash is King?

Is Jefferies Group Inc. moving against the grain by paying bonuses in cash or are they setting a new trend? Hard to predict.

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Lunch Break: Jefferies in Flap Over Plans for Bonuses in Cash discusses backlash to Jefferies’ election to pay bonuses in cash rather than in stock.  On my mind is the collection headache Jefferies may have created for itself, which may inure to the benefit of the bonus recipients.… Read More