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Jan 05, 2017

Foreign Companies (India) Establishing U.S. Subsidiaries – Some Jurisdictional Considerations (New Jersey)

The below post was co-authored by Steve Karg and Bob Gabrielski.

Last week, a first level appellate court in New Jersey issued an opinion for publication discussing the potential grounds for finding jurisdiction over a foreign parent corporation when its wholly-owned subsidiary has its principal place of business in New Jersey.  In FDASmart v. Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited, App.» Read More

Dec 07, 2016

Live! From the ACI Drug and Medical Device Litigation Conference

I’m blogging from the American Conference Institute’s Drug and Medical Device session on International Mass Tort Litigation: Strategies for Handling the Increasing Interplay Between Domestic and Global Products Liability Actions. Great tips and thoughts for global product manufacturers and distributors, particularly for global companies with subsidiaries or partners in the U.S.   If you manufacture or distribute global products, you should be thinking about issues such as differing regulations, liability standards, discovery rules and privileges, as well as the coordination of discovery, trials, experts and witnesses.  » Read More

Jul 21, 2016

Doing Business Outside Of The US – Does Your Company Have An FCPA Policy? – The Perils Of International Bribery

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (15 U.S.C. § 78dd-1, et seq.), more popularly known as the “FCPA,” is a powerful tool that the U.S. Department of Justice uses to police international bribery in the business context.  Under the FCPA, U.S. companies and their officers, employees, agents, or stockholders are prohibited from offering to pay, paying, promising to pay, or authorizing the payment of money or anything of value to a foreign official in order to influence any act or decision of the foreign official in his or her official capacity or to secure any other improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business. » Read More

Feb 19, 2016

UK Company Law Changes Are On The Horizon – Act Now To Make Sure You Are Compliant!

The below post is authored by UK law firm Moore Blatch.

As you are most probably aware by now as it has been widely reported, from 6 April this year, most UK companies and LLPs will be required to take active steps to identify any individuals or legal entities that have ‘significant influence or control’ over them and record their details on a ‘register of people with significant control’ (known as a PSC register).» Read More

Feb 10, 2016

White Collar Crimes in Indo-U.S. Context: Do’s and Don’ts

Last week, Ed Sponzilli, Melinda Fellner Bramwit, Nick Duston, and Brad Muller participated in a Meritas webinar on the do’s and don’t of white collar crimes in Indo-U.S. context.

The webinar highlighted some of the recent developments that have fundamentally altered the business environment in India and discussed the ways and means through which businesses in India and the U.S.» Read More


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