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Jul 07, 2016

Will Amsterdam be the new London for European headquarters of US multinationals?

The below post is authored by Wouter Vosse, Esq. from Hamelink & Van den Tooren, a leading tax law firm in the Netherlands.

The upcoming ‘Brexit’ is the talk of the town all over Europe. Other EU countries, such as France, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands are already competing for the business that is expected to leave the UK. The NY Times published an interesting article on the ‘battle for the British business’.» Read More

Jun 27, 2016

BREXIT = BEXIT? Will Global Business based in London Exit and Move Base Operations to Paris or Frankfurt – a “BEXIT?”

With UK’s surprise vote last Thursday to leave the EU, politicians, businessmen and women and pundits are scrambling to understand and predict the ramifications of the UK withdrawal, and there will be many.  Of particular interest will be the response of global business with EU base operations in London.  Financial, pharma and technology companies are especially concerned.

United States, Chinese and other global businesses have over the years established a base of operations in London to access the EU market. » Read More

Apr 08, 2015

International Business Transactions and Mitigation of Seller’s Risk: Standby Letters of Credit and Harmless Error

A standby letter of credit (“SLC”) is a common way for a seller of goods to mitigate his or her risk in a transaction where the seller is sending goods abroad and either  the buyer is not amenable to resolving disputes in the seller’s home jurisdiction or the seller has doubts about the buyer’s credit worthiness.  SLC’s allow the beneficiary, the seller here, to collect payment directly from the SLC’s issuer in place of chasing a defaulting buyer. » Read More

Apr 11, 2014

REWIND: International Business News #92

This week, our REWIND of international business news covers Italian court decision that the sky is the limit for Emirates Airline; meanwhile, European venture capitalists skip the 11-hour flight to Silicon Valley to invest in European tech startups; and major global music companies are accused of trying to take the whole “cloud” down.  » Read More

Apr 16, 2013

New Top Level Domains Pose Security Risks

Experts warn that new top level domains bring with them security risks.

“ICANN is moving a little too fast with these new gTLDs without really giving people time to get ready,” [DigiCert associate general counsel Jeremy] Rowley said in an interview.

Rowley is a member of the CA Security Council (CASC) alongside executives from Symantec, Comodo, Entrust, GMO GlobalSign, Trend Micro and Go Daddy.

» Read More


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