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Jan 05, 2017

Foreign Companies (India) Establishing U.S. Subsidiaries – Some Jurisdictional Considerations (New Jersey)

The below post was co-authored by Steve Karg and Bob Gabrielski.

Last week, a first level appellate court in New Jersey issued an opinion for publication discussing the potential grounds for finding jurisdiction over a foreign parent corporation when its wholly-owned subsidiary has its principal place of business in New Jersey.  In FDASmart v. Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited, App.» Read More

Nov 23, 2016

ACI Drug and Medical Device Litigation Conference

Most global pharmaceutical and medical device companies should know the global mass tort litigation landscape. The American Conference Institute will hold its annual Drug and Medical Device Litigation Conference in New York City from Dec. 5-7. The event is well attended by in-house counsel, outside counsel, and many judges from around the U.S. For more information, follow this link: ACI Drug and Medical Device Litigation Registration Site

On December 6, 2016, I plan to attend the afternoon break-out session titled “International Mass Tort Litigation: Strategies for Handling the Increasing Interplay Between Domestic and Global Product Liability Actions.” I hope to see you there.» Read More

Apr 04, 2013

Live from the Defense Research Institute Annual Products Liability Seminar

Last month, I suggested that foreign manufacturers might learn more about U.S. products liability laws by attending the Defense Research Institute Annual Products Liability Seminar this week.  I’ll take this opportunity to report from the conference on some interesting topics from seminar sessions I’ve attended so far.» Read More

Mar 11, 2013

Foreign Sellers Entering the U.S. Market Should Understand Its Products Liability Laws

Many foreign-based companies do business in the United States by advertising, selling, distributing or even manufacturing their products here.  These companies may have inherent familiarity with the laws and regulations that govern their products at home, but need some help with laws and regulations that may affect them in the U.S.   Beyond considerations of jurisdiction, domestication of judgments, insurance, and entity-based protections, these companies must become familiar with the local products liability laws and related products regulations that may affect them or their products in the U.S.   » Read More

Sep 19, 2012

Product Safety Officials Work Towards Global Cooperation and Uniform Requirements

Manufacturers routinely monitor product safety concerns, data, and compliance in each of the jurisdictions where their products are manufactured and distributed.  With wide disparities in safety standards, safety enforcement, and the level of product liability exposures worldwide, this effort can be daunting.  Does a manufacturer spend extra money to uniformly design and produce all of its global products to meet the toughest standards of any of the jurisdictions touching its products (an extra expense), or does it produce its products specific to each jurisdiction (a different extra expense)?  » Read More


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