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Jun 27, 2016

BREXIT = BEXIT? Will Global Business based in London Exit and Move Base Operations to Paris or Frankfurt – a “BEXIT?”

With UK’s surprise vote last Thursday to leave the EU, politicians, businessmen and women and pundits are scrambling to understand and predict the ramifications of the UK withdrawal, and there will be many.  Of particular interest will be the response of global business with EU base operations in London.  Financial, pharma and technology companies are especially concerned.

United States, Chinese and other global businesses have over the years established a base of operations in London to access the EU market. » Read More

May 20, 2016

International Business Litigation

Bob Mahoney of Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, along with Mario Aieta of Satterlee Stephens, Jennifer Stone of McGuireWoods, and Russell Glazer of TroyGould, discussed international business litigation this afternoon at the Legal Network International‘s Spring Conference held at the historic New York City Bar Association.  They discussed insightful ways to structure and present your case for jury trials.

To learn more about the session, contact me at rcgabrielski@nmmlaw.comRead More

Apr 28, 2016

Making Sense of a Tumultuous World

Robert Guest, Foreign Editor of The Economist, delivered the Keynote Speech this morning at the Meritas Annual Conference in Las Vegas. Guest addressed the conference on “Making Sense of a Tumultuous World”. How does the price of oil and gas affect governments and markets? What’s the impact of debt? What’s the impact on state-owned companies?

Look at what’s happened to the economies in countries like Venezuela, Russia, China.» Read More

Feb 19, 2016

UK Company Law Changes Are On The Horizon – Act Now To Make Sure You Are Compliant!

The below post is authored by UK law firm Moore Blatch.

As you are most probably aware by now as it has been widely reported, from 6 April this year, most UK companies and LLPs will be required to take active steps to identify any individuals or legal entities that have ‘significant influence or control’ over them and record their details on a ‘register of people with significant control’ (known as a PSC register).» Read More

Feb 18, 2016

Pick-Off Strategies in Class Actions – Coming to a Non-U.S. Jurisdiction Near You?

In the past, class actions were most prevalent in the United States and Canada. With class action and similar procedures spreading throughout the globe, it pays to track and learn from developments in the U.S.  In the U.S., defendants have tried to defeat class actions by offering the class representative full value in settlement of that individual’s claim.  A putative class action typically needs an adequate representative to proceed to class action status.» Read More


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