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Sep 18, 2017

Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Effort to Punish Sanctuary Cities

On Friday, United States District Court Judge Harry Leinenweber blocked the U.S. Department of Justice from refusing to provide federal grant money to localities that had enacted “sanctuary city” laws protecting immigrants from deportation, creating a setback for the Trump Administration.

The City of Chicago, which filed the suit in the Northern District of Illinois, argued that the Justice Department had no legal authority to tie federal grant money to sanctuary city provisions. … Read More

Aug 31, 2017

“Sanctuary City” Laws Become Central Topic Nationwide

A U.S. District Court in Texas has stopped implementation of a ban on so-called “sanctuary cities” in the state and the City of Philadelphia has filed an action against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, claiming he has unlawfully withheld grant money from cities that the Department of Justice has deemed sanctuary cities.  The cities of San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as the State of California, have filed similar suits.… Read More

May 25, 2012

Federal District Court Condemns Government’s Prolonged Detention

Federal District Court Condemns Government’s Prolonged Detention of Immigrants, Ordering a Bond Hearing for a Pennsylvania Man Who Has Been Detained for Over Twenty-Six Months

May 25, 2012

HARRISBURG, PA – A Federal Court strongly criticized the Department of Homeland Security’s prolonged detention of immigrants in removal proceedings. In a decision that came twenty-six months after Robert Bautista was first detained by immigration authorities for having committed a minor criminal offense nearly ten years ago, the District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania held that Bautista’s indefinite detention has been so unreasonable that his constitutional right to due process had been egregiously violated.… Read More