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Jul 27, 2015

PA Department of Revenue Brews Up New Sales Tax Opinion: A MUST READ for All PA Breweries

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently issued a clarification regarding collection of sales tax for retail sales by manufacturers of malt beverages. Based upon inconsistent reports of audits and varying opinions of accountants, the Brewers of Pennsylvania met with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and solicited an opinion as to collection and remittance of sales tax by manufacturers of malt beverages when selling at retail.» Read More

Jun 01, 2015

Breweries Can Add Independent Tasting Rooms in Pennsylvania

As previously reported, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has added a new regulation, Section 3.93, Title 40 of the Pennsylvania Code, which allows breweries to sell beer and other malt beverage products at its brewery facilities without the need to acquire any additional form of license like a restaurant license or a brew pub license.  This regulation became final when it was published in the PA Bulletin over the weekend on May 30, 2015. » Read More

May 28, 2015

New Rules For Pennsylvania Happy Hours

The Liquor Control Board proposed more amendments to “happy hour” rules in Pennsylvania.  Previously, happy hours limited restaurants to 2 consecutive hours a day of discounted alcoholic beverages.  In 2011, the Liquor Code was amended to allow 4 hours of “happy hour” in a day, but no more than 14 hours in a week.  Now, the licensee must post public notice of the “happy hour” at least 7 days prior to the date. » Read More

Apr 23, 2015

PA IRRC Approves Brewery Sales Provision

On April 16, 2015, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission approved the final form regulation received from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and cleared up any confusion regarding brewery sales.  Shortly after this regulation is approved by the Attorney General’s Office, the new Section 3.93, Title 40 of the Pennsylvania Code, will allow breweries to sell malt beverages for on-premises consumption at all of their brewery locations. » Read More

Mar 06, 2015

Pennsylvania Announcement Clarifying Size of Beer Packages for Distributors Bad for Pennsylvania Beer

The Office of Chief Counsel of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board issued a Legal Opinion which will permit Distributors to sell any group of containers prepared in a package as long as that group of containers exceeds 128 ounces in size.  Yes, this will permit Distributors to sell 12 packs which is a step in the right direction for consumer choice; however, » Read More

Feb 13, 2015

New Brewery Sales Provision Moves Forward

On January 28, 2015, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board followed the recommendations of the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (“IRRC”) and clarified a previously-issued regulation amending Section 3.93 of the Pa.L.C.B. regulations.  The IRRC had recommended that the Pa.L.C.B. follow the public comment of the Brewers of Pennsylvania clarifying that breweries could sell malt and brewed beverages owned by the brewery and not just beer which was produced on the premises. » Read More

Jan 21, 2015

Pennsylvania Breweries Closer to On-Premises Sales

Over the weekend, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (“IRRC”) issued comments to several pending proposed regulations, including the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s (“Pa.L.C.B.”) proposed regulatory changes to Section 3.93 of its regulations relating to breweries.  The Pa.L.C.B. amended its regulation that would permit breweries to sell brewed and malt beverages for on-premises consumption if the malt or brewed beverages were produced on the licensed premises by the brewery. » Read More