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Mar 17, 2017

Potentially Heavy Legislation Out of Trenton

The post below was co-authored by Jeffrey M. Casaletto.

While we watch the new U.S. administration target, for better or for worse, EPA’s budget and jurisdictional reach, there are signs of the other extremes within New Jersey government.  A recently introduced bill, No. A4305, has the potential to pull residential properties into the quagmire of New Jersey’s site remediation program. » Read More

Oct 01, 2010

DEP Launches Office of Dispute Resolution

The NJ DEP has launched an Office of Dispute Resolution ( to help find common ground between the Department and the regulated community to prevent differences from becoming full-blown legal battles. DEP decisions regarding permits or enforcement actions often trigger appeals, usually in the form of a request for a hearing by the Office of Administrative Law. The time between filing an appeal and the case being heard in court is often frustratingly slow, and may hinder good projects as well as implementation of actions to protect the environment.» Read More